Regional/America: Interesting Facts about America  

America offers a wide range of attractions that make it an ideal tourist destination. However, there are certain facts about America that you may not know. So let’s explore these interesting facts without expanding the intro.

Americans Love Pizza

You may not believe this, but pizza is the favorite fast food of Americans. The amount of pizza served each day can cover an area of almost 100 acres. This suggests that Americans are more inclined towards pizza than burgers.

No Official Language

Although English is the widely spoken language in America, it’s not the official language. There is no federal law that states that English is the official language of the country. The second most common language in the US is Spanish.

World’s Largest Economy

The economy of America accounts for 25% of the world’s GDP, which makes it the biggest economy in the world. Some of the major reasons for having such an enormous economy include the country’s high average incomes, large population, minimum unemployment rate, and a huge consumer circle.

A High School Student was the Designer of American Flag

Robert G. Heft, a high school student, designed the American flag in 1958. Designing the flag was part of Heft’s school project. American Congress selected the design and adopted it in 1959 through presidential proclamation.

80% of Nevada is Owned by the Federal Government of USA

The Federal Government of America owns 80% of the total land of Nevada.  The government has reserved this land for national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, monuments.

US Consumes 18% of the World’s Total Energy

The energy consumption statistics of 2014 revealed that the US consumes approximately 18% of the world’s energy. This massive energy consumption relates to the fact that America is the world’s largest economy. The country’s huge industrial sector consumes most of the energy.

New York City was the First Capital of America

It sounds weird, but New York was the original capital of the USA. This city served as the official capital from 1785 to 1790. New York played a pivotal role while establishing a new government after the end of British rule.

Alaska is the Longest Coastline among all other States

Alaska owns the longest coastline when compared to other US states. It stretches up to an area of 6,640 miles. Talking about the shoreline of Alaska, it stretches up to 33,904 miles.  The coastline is not only the longest, but it is also one of the most beautiful coastal areas of America, offering diverse species of flora and fauna.

Internet is an Invention of the US

It was in 1950 when the US Department of Defense offered contracts for packet network systems.  ARPANET was the first switching network, which came out in the 1960s. It was the time when electronic computers were under development.

McDonald’s is one of the Largest Employers in the US

It is interesting to know that 1 out of every 8 Americans have worked for the McDonald’s or may work for this employer in the future. Hence, this food chain is among the country’s largest employers. Things don’t stop here, as a good number of celebrities had also served in McDonald’s before getting famous.