Why America’s Restoration Will Fail


America’s fate was in heart of God before Christopher Columbus contacted American soil. Columbus was a dedicated adherent to Christ with a feeling of mission. He accepted his journey was authorized by God to convey the light of Christ to unfamiliar grounds. In his words, “There is no doubt that the motivation was from the Holy Spirit.” When he arrived in America Columbus planted a cross and devoted the land to God. With that, America’s fate was conceived.

America turned into a guide of light all through the world. Through this Nation the gospel has been lectured and the Kingdom of God has been progressed. She has fabricated houses of worship, schools, clinics, and shelters at home and abroad for the sake of Christ. Preachers from America length the globe. God has favored America for her decency. Today her integrity has reduced and America’s fate is winding down.

America’s Destiny is Threatened by a System of Evil

Across America today Christians remain in dismay at the present status of this once extraordinary country. A hellfire rounded framework has burped out dangers to devastate each hint of America’s fate. It tries to control the White House, Congress, Senate, the Courts, the IRS, the Media, Banking and Educational Systems. It wants to overwhelm each association that controls how America thinks, how she is administered, how she realizes, how she makes and goes through her cash, and where her loyalties lie.

This savage framework has worked under a covertness spread before. Careless and self-advancing lawmakers have been assuming the fault for its ruinous activities. Legislators are not innocent but rather a hand greater than theirs endeavors to bring down America. Eager up-and-comers loaded up with yearn for force and control discover favor with this monster. They are constrained by it as pawns on the world stage.

Behind these clueless “government workers” is a laser centered framework that tries to pulverize everything related with America’s fate. It currently works in bold and unmistakable style to loot America’s residents of their freedom, independence, riches, or more the entirety of their Christian roots.

Recognition discloses to us that this monster doesn’t have inborn force and control. It is enabled by a tenacious, evil with a solitary, vile fixation. His fixation echoes through the ages. It echoes in Genesis, Esther, the Gospels, and Acts. The monster remained determined to annihilate God’s kin in Nazi Germany. His fixation has been “I will resemble the Most High!”

Resilience in American has Empowered the Beast

America has grasped resistance and enabled the despicable monster. Resilience requests that we honor religions and ways of life that restrict Biblical principles that lie at the establishment of America’s fate. Try not to cause trouble or contradict another’s convictions. Through resistance we are currently a country that acknowledges everything and demands nothing.

Grasping resistance has permitted this tremendous monster to lord itself over America with savage dauntlessness. It has methodicallly debilitated our country and incredibly lessened the quality and strength of our military power and the estimation of the American dollar. For the sake of resistance infidelity, the gay way of life, and premature birth go unchallenged. Indeed everything except for the Christian Faith with the opportunity and freedom it brings is endured.

As murkiness builds the desire for public recuperation reduces. Our quietness has made some serious trouble with the expectation of complimentary reign in our nation. We inquire as to why God has betrayed America. Indeed we have bound His hands by overlooking His equitable principles. We’ve appealed to God for leniency without thought that God restricts the pleased. Petitioning God for equity delivers the scourges of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 into our territory. In short America faces devastation since she has restricted His upright norms. America is sleeping with the monster and she has submitted each wrongdoing of Sodom and Gomorrah. God has stayed faithful to His commitment and visited our transgressions with equity.

The Christian Response to the Beast Has Been Weak

Christians may contend that they have had no influence in the underhandedness in our property. Before that contention proceeds, think about this. Jesus passed on for our unceasing salvation. We are engaged by His Holy Spirit. We are braced with His strong Word. He orders us not to be overwhelmed by evil however to beat evil with great. At the point when we have supported His honorable guidelines, America’s predetermination was guaranteed. Today that predetermination is gravely compromised.

Christ has given us each bit of leeway against our adversaries. However the Church falls down before this monster contending that it is excessively solid and excessively all around invigorated. Damnation’s fortresses have shielded us from putting stock in God’s elegance to beat each power that would set out to restrict us. Despite a furious, developing foe God’s military has yawned and nodded off.

The time has come to Take Back America’s Heritage

Where is the Zeal of David today? At the point when Goliath deadened Israel’s military, David didn’t wince. He strongly requested, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that compromises the militaries of God?” We face a similar danger today. Unchallenged this monster will crush America’s fate from the substance of the earth. We can’t be quiet. The day may come when evil wins and profound dimness covers the earth. That day isn’t Today! We should contradict this heartless, unwavering monster today before it demolishes our America’s fate.

2 Chronicles 7:14 orders us to lower ourselves, supplicate and look for God’s face for America’s predetermination to be reestablished. On the off chance that we do He will hear us. As we genuinely abandon our fiendish behavior we will discover liberation. We should ask as Daniel ruled, “tune in! Master, excuse! Master, hear and act! For the wellbeing of you, my God, don’t delay, in light of the fact that your city and your kin bear your Name.”

A similar God that regarded David’s enthusiasm and Daniel’s distress anticipates our supplications. That God will get with Heaven and mend our territory. Only he can reestablish the establishments that made our Nation Great. In the event that America’s predetermination falls flat, the Gospel light will enormously diminish all through the World and millions will dive into everlasting devastation. America’s Destiny must win!